Mountain Tops, by Kelsey Lyn

David W. King Pictures is pleased to present Kelsey Lyn’s musical love letter to Polson, Montana, the Mission Valley and greater Montana. Follow Kelsey Lyn on Facebook at Kelsey Lyn Music. And keep up with us at

Regatta Shoreline Amphitheater

A promo for Polson’s new concert venue.

Fast Strike Defense

The FAST STRIKE™ self defense weapon can be purchased on Amazon or This is an effective, non-lethal self defense device.

I Love Polson – Music Video

Inspired by Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.”, I produced this video for the annual Polson Chamber of Commerce banquet. It quickly became a social media phenomenon and has been viewed over 16,000 times online.

2018 Polson Chamber banquet interviews & Mountain Tops music video

Meet some of Polson’s people and celebrate the beauty and bounty of this area. Caps off with an interview with musician Kelsey Lyn about her new music video, Mountain Tops, which follows her interview.

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