Big Arm Boat Rentals and Rides

A promo we produced for

Delaney’s Landscape Center

For over 30 years Delaney’s nursery, greenhouses, and landscaping have provided the Mission Valley with the highest quality annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees.

The Golden Yoke Dairy – Kickstarter Campaign

A pair of young St. Ignatius dairy farmers intend to open a locally-souced, Montana-made ice cream store this summer. This it the Kickstarter video we produced to help them raise financial backing for their enterprise.

Polson Family Chiropractic

Local chiropractor Pam Sandall shares her passion for helping people feel the best they can.

H&S Celebration

Polson’s Heart & Soul project did the hard work of delivering to Polson a shared community vision, based on shared community values and helped increase our city’s ability to collaborate toward achieving the vision. It helped us examine our “heart & soul” and to begin to work together to make sure we keep the heart & soul of Polson alive into the future.

What is Explore?

Prairie Bible Institute’s Explore Program is designed to use real-life wilderness experiences to challenge students to process and apply biblical concepts gleaned from classroom instruction. Along the way, Explore helps its students gain a better understanding of personality traits, spiritual gifts, teamwork and conflict management.


One of 7 commercials I produced with Camp Bighorn’s staff and campers. Bighorn’s website describes it as: We’ve all been fearful and apprehensive at times. Yet we are told we do not have a spirit of fear but, rather, the power of the Holy Spirit. How can we use adventure to instill courage? And how can we translate it to other areas of our lives?


Another in the series of Camp Bighorn commercials.

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