Baked by Grace - The Movie

Baked by Grace – The Movie

The Lake City Bakery Story

This hour-long documentary film profiles the tumultuous 52 years-in-the-making family legacy of Lake City Bakery in Polson, Montana. This comfort foods eatery is run by owners and employees who were once broken and in despair, but now live abundant lives filled with redemptive love and abiding faith.

Settle in for a deep dive into the hearts, aspirations, challenges, and ultimate triumphs of the spirit of these people and they navigate the ups and downs of full lives. It’s Lake City Bakery, where dashed dreams are pieced back together and new hope abides. And don’t miss their signature filled maple bars!

Baked by Grace has taken off on the film festival circuit. To date, it’s garnered numerous awards including Best Feature Documentary, Best Director, Best Faith Based, Best Faith Feature, Best Inspirational Documentary, and has received numerous nominations. Like us on Facebook for the latest information! 

Baked by Grace Producer & Director David W. King

My wife and fellow film producer Jessica King’s encounter with Damian one busy day served as the inspiration for this film. Damian’s gracious, unruffled, joyful demeanor in the storm of a very busy day struck Jessica as awe-inspiring. It didn’t take long for Jessica, her husband David, and their two young children to become regulars at the bakery — and David decided he wanted to make a documentary film about the bakery and its extraordinary people. The film Baked by Grace took shape over a period of about two months. David spent an early morning with Mike below decks in the basement, then portions of several days above, both in the kitchen and the front of house.


David’s IMDB profile is “David W. King (II)”