Full-service video and television production

We work with you from concept to script, casting, crew, shooting, editing, music selection, through post-production and delivery of web and/or broadcast-ready content.

FAA certified for aerial video & photography

FAA regulations require remote pilot certification for all commercial drone work and we’ve got that! David W. King Pictures offers a variety of drone video and photography services.


David has years of experience producing, directing and shooting documentary projects, including The Incurables to local projects like Zero to Five Lincoln County. If you have a story to tell, let’s explore how we can share it with others through this powerful medium.


Do you have a product or service you want to share? We can help you create commercials for web and television. Operating on a tight advertising budget? That’s a given for most companies. Don’t assume you can’t afford a video. Let’s talk!

Audio Recording

We use state-of-the art microphones identical to those used on major television and feature films. We also have a digital recorder that can plug right into your mixer for live event recording.


It’s fun to see how things are made and to visually explore the machinery involved. Ever wonder how potatoes are harvested and shipped to market?


Classroom and instructional videos are a challenge and lots of fun. We have multiple HD cameras that can cover complicated shoots from multiple angles simultaneously.


We cover concerts, plays, sports and seminars. Sometimes, you want a time capsule of a special occasion or event. We’ve covered many performances, plays, concerts and other special events.

CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplication

From smaller quantities to dozens, just provide us with your single copy and we’ll duplicate it and print a label. (We do not duplicate copyrighted material, however.)

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